From humble beginnings of making custom flannel shirts with patches made from various t-shirts that held sentimental value, Warren eventually became tired of existing graphics and wanted to create his own. Through stories of many personal experiences and references to graphic novels that shaped his teenage years, he created the BILL sub-line as a tribute to his late uncle Bill, who passed away from ALS. The initial creations for BILL featured hand-painted illustrations that have evolved significantly, while still persisting as the backbone of the brand. 

As Warren's BILL creations gained notable support, the brand continued to grow and change along with its fan base. The label began to release hand-printed garments which garnered significant appreciation from new fans and his already loyal following. These printed garments have since developed into the HAMMER division of the brand, which is more street focused with printed sweatshirts and now-iconic distressed denim pieces.

Meanwhile, BILL has remained with the brand, and Warren continues to create numerous custom, 1v1 hand-painted artworks and leather pieces for a limited and exclusive audience. Now, the namesake "Warren Lotas" mainline collection has given the label its next step.