The Era is arguably the first shoe designed for skateboarding with professional input. In the mid-seventies, the first pro skaters discovered how Vans now-legendary all natural crepe gum rubber thicker outsole grip of our classic Authentic deck shoe style performed better for the radical new maneuvers they were attempting as they took skateboarding vertical or “off the wall”. Professional skateboarding pioneers, Stacey Peralta and Tony Alva told Steve Van Doren from Vans that if they were to add some padding around the collar and a heel counter for additional support, the shoe would be perfect for the skateboarding that was happening at that time. Vans listened and so, from the Authentic, the Era was born. Among the first colors was the original two tone blue/red color way to differentiate the style from its solid-colored predecessor.  

ADAPTATION released the limited edition two tone blue/red OG ERA's in it's original 70's specs and a hand done limited edition artist edition with Saber exclusively at Maxfield