Birthed in East Los Angeles through their love of car culture and fashion, Truth Never Told is thee premiere chain-stitching collective in the industry. In recent years, the fashion industry has become so adapted to “fast-fashion’ that the art and skill of chain-stitching began to disappear. In an effort to keep their craft alive,  founding members, Tul Jutargare and Tommy D created Truth Never Told. Following the craft by selected members Fernando Diaz, Chiharu Jutargate and Kyle Flores. A brand  which has become a staple in not only LA’s car culture scene but throughout the entire fashion industry.

Keeping true to their roots, everything that comes out of Truth Never Told's workspace is 100% handmade. Each member is a highly skilled needleworker, who puts days of passion and soul into their work, making each garment truly special and one of a kind. Catering to street wear, high fashion and sports industries, Truth Never Told has no shortage of experience, they can truly do it all.